May Scone Contest Rules

Posted  05/1/17

Hello, Thank you for partaking in our Social Media Contest. The rules are as follows. Contestant must like Contest Post and tag a friend in the comment Contestant must be a follower on the social media platform of entry. Example, if you ‘like’ and ‘tag a friend in the comments’ on Facebook, you must be […]


News from RYZE Gluten Free May 2017   May is Celiac Awareness Month – YAY!   If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, you know a strict gluten free diet is a must. Sure, it’s a major lifestyle change, but it’s not all that difficult these days.  So many gluten free choices are at […]


CHOCOLATE Contest Rules!

Posted  02/2/17

Welcome! You are invited to RYZE’s ChocoTHON! A month long chocolate themed recipe contest. Winning recipe will receive $200 Amazon Gift card! RYZE will be posting recipe using chocolate in different ways through the month to help inspire your creativity in the kitchen. Preheat the oven and get the chocolate ready! Chocolate Contest Rundown Recipe must […]


Grains to Avoid Wheat Rye Barley + brewer’s yeast, barley malt   Variations of Wheat Durum Einkorn Farina Farro Freekeh Fregola Graham flour Kamut Low-gluten wheat Semolina Spelt Triticale (a cross-breed of wheat and rye) Wheat starch (unless it tests below 20 ppm per the gluten- free food labeling rule) Gluten Free Grains and Flours […]


101 : Chocolate

Posted  02/1/17

About Chocolate Tips for storing, chopping, melting and baking   The Anatomy of a Cocoa Bean Did you know that chocolate begins as cacao beans, seeds found in large pods that grow on cacao trees near the equator? The beans are fermented, dried, and roasted. The inner meat (or nib) of the bean is removed […]


Cross Contamination and the GF Diet Anytime gluten-free food comes in contact with gluten-filled foods, a helping of gluten comes your way. That’s called “cross-contamination” and it can happen in places that might surprise you. First, how much can you have without getting sick? Studies show that most celiac patients can safely eat foods that […]


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