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Experts on rice like a master sommelier of wine.

RYZE was created by Pete, the owner and founder of Sage V Foods, who has a long history of expertise in the industry. He got his start farming soybeans when he was 17 years old and continued farming leased land for five years to help pay his way through college. After graduating, his first job was working on a Panamanian banana farm, then he returned to the U.S. to finish his MBA degree, after which he moved to Puerto Rico for four years to manage the first rice farming and milling operation on the island. Later, he traveled the world selling and marketing rice for the world’s largest rice milling company, spent time in the major rice growing regions of the world, and became an expert on rice like a master sommelier of wine.

Around 1992, he started a subsidiary of a large rice mill that specialized in ingredients made from rice, and in 1998, he bought it out and Sage V Foods was born. Since then, Pete has built Sage V Foods into the largest rice flour milling company in the world, introduced frozen rice into the market, built a separate plant for that purpose, and became the largest supplier of frozen rice in the U.S. Most is sold as private label brands in upscale grocery stores, and more recently as the Padma’s Easy Exotic label.

During this time, Pete worked as an expert advisor with the R&D groups of the largest food companies in the U.S. to teach them how to utilize the functionality of rice flour in their products, and on the side he experimented with gluten-free recipes made with rice for his Celiac friends.

In 2014, he moved to Boulder, Colorado, and a year later the company headquarters joined him there. In Boulder, he was surprised to see the size and growth in the gluten free market, and the huge number of people moving toward a gluten-free lifestyle. But most importantly, he was disappointed to learn that all of the products he tested used starches and gums to mimic gluten. All of these existing gluten-free products lacked the nutrition, flavor and taste that was needed to really replace wheat.

So, Pete and his son Scott spent a year working with a renowned pastry chef to refine their recipes using exclusive rice flours that only Sage V Foods has access to. After diligently working to make a mix that could replace wheat in all applications, they ultimately created two unique mixes based on specific baking needs: blue and yellow bags. Both only contain whole grain rice flour and rice flour, and require no gums or additives such as potato and tapioca starch. With a plethora of gluten-free mixes available on the market, RYZE raises the bar with its huge jump in quality, nutrition, and taste.

From their family to yours, enjoy!

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